About Us

Hello, I'm Ría

I believe that the internet is a powerful tool that we can harness to help facilitate the social transformations that could lead us to a more regenerative future.  One way that I work to achieve this is by uplifting the online presence of change makers so that they can have a greater impact. As a website designer and graphic artist I love to work with color, form and human nature to create digital experiences that are intuitive, purposeful and enjoyable to engage with.

Ria Rice-Lawson
Yam Aisner

Hi, I'm Yãm

I am deeply motivated to support others so that we can work together towards what I feel is my life goal, advancing solutions to reverse climate change and its effects.

Driven by this goal I utilize my skills as a regenerative systems designer, visual artist and wordpress developer. Along with my passion for storytelling, systems thinking, technology and education, I work to support people and projects who are trying to make the world better.