Web design

The Client: The Institute of Integrated Regenerative Design

The Institute of Integrated Regenerative Design has developed a framework that enables designers and implementers to create systems that are mutually symbiotic with the Earth’s biosphere. This is a timely step towards a regenerative future that will enable engineers, architects, city planners and many others to work collaboratively in creating projects that are ethically grounded, ecologically regenerative, and economically sound.

SueloWeb was hired to bring IIRD to life online through a website that would present its wealth of information in a way that is engaging, timely and elegant.

The Challenge: Permaculture for an engineering audience.

As Permaculture people we felt at home with the related concepts and terminology, which aided in guiding us through the project and supported our decision making. Through client conversations we gathered documentation and deepened our understanding of IIRD and their audience. We developed customer avatars, honed in on the visual language and set to work designing the website’s structure.

Mood boards aided in the discovery process of the website’s visual language. We developed a style that emphasizes patterns in nature at micro and macro scales, expressing the mathematical accuracy of engineering and the holistic systems thinking of Permaculture. Light earthen colors created balance and framed the written content; the focus of the website, while subtle video elements supported the breathing atmosphere.

Case Study: IIRD

Focus on the User Experience

The website would host a rich body of information. Our goal was to engage visitors while building up their understanding of the IRD Framework and it’s many facets through gradually unfolding layers of information. We created interactive graphics to explain concepts in a clear and compelling way. 

Case Study: IIRD

We created a video for the homepage with calm natural scenes that set the tone for the visitor’s experience. Subtle video elements were incorporated through the site, giving it a living and breathing feel.

Case Study: IIRD