Case Study: Punta Mona

Client: Punta Mona Costa Rica​

Set on 85-acres of off-the-grid, family owned land, the Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies is an environmental education center, botanical collection, Permaculture farm and eco-lodge, dedicated to regenerative ways of living in Costa Rica.

The Challenge: Capture the unique experience of Punta Mona

Our goal was to transmit the feeling of visiting Punta Mona to those who haven’t yet. We should all know what it feels like to be surrounded by a community who is dedicated to practicing better ways of living, and Punta Mona offers this in a beautiful way.

Video Production: Jungle Camp

We would create a video capturing Punta Mona’s transformation festival ‘Jungle Camp’, where musicians, artists, Permaculturists and wellness folk gather to share knowledge and celebrate together. In order to share the beautiful music from the event we recorded live audio from present artists such as Rising Appalacia, and integrated the tracks throughout the video. We loved the result of this; a truly unique soundtrack that expresses the energy of Jungle Camp.

The mystical tropical rainforest and the clear Caribbean sea that surrounds Punta Mona is breathtaking. The only way to capture this incredible location is by air. Utilizing our drone we produced video footage and photos that embody the magical landscape, drawing out it’s rich colors through post production editing.

Marketing Assets: Photography Series

Images as well as video footage that we’ve captured through the years are a core marketing asset for Punta Mona and can be seen throughout their website and social media channels. We love working with this project and it’s founders, who are dear friends and allies in the regenerative movement.

Educational Video Production: Permaculture Design & Chinampas

Education is a core aspect of Punta Mona, with their deep roots in Permaculture design and botany. In collaboration with Punta Mona’s founder Stephen Brooks, we created an educational video showcasing an ancient mezoamerican food production system called Chinampas. This bountiful aquaculture system was invented by the Aztec Empire and adopted by Permaculture.