Case Study: Rise

The Client: Rise Costa Rica​

A residential village, destination spa resort, permaculture farm, educational institute and more, Rise is breaking ground on their vision to create an interconnected community in Costa Rica.

With a diverse food forest and reforestation project, Rise has planted around 5,000 food-bearing trees of over five hundred species. An estimated 15,000 native trees have been planted as well, the first phase in a plan to reforest more than 20% of the project’s 800 acre land.

Building in compliance with the Living Building Challenge; a stringent green building protocol, Rise hopes to become a prototype for regenerative resorts and communities alike.

The Challenge: Brand Awareness

In the very early stages of Rise, when things were just getting started, we wanted to let our tribe know that something truly amazing was happening over in Costa Rica. We would create videos and photos to document the project and get people excited about what’s happening.

Viral Social Media Video Production

The Permaculture mandala garden was the perfect subject for our social media video. Capturing drone footage of the garden’s implementation, we edited the video and shared it on Facebook. A week later that video was watched more than 4.5 millions times on Facebook alone!

Photography Series: Kinkara Retreats

We designed and produced photography for the new event space in Rise called Kinkara. We wanted to capture the location and to showcase the integration with Costa Rican Wildlife.

360 Virtual Tour Experience

We created an interactive 360 virtual tour so that people can explore the project from anywhere with an internet connection. We captured drone photographs, videos and natural sounds which were recorded on site and integrated them into the tour.

HTML Iframes

Social Media Video Production

When asked to showcase the unique property where Rise is located, we knew that we wanted to tell the story of the beautiful land with it’s clear water and lush jungle vegetation. We chose to follow the natural water cycle as it moves throughout the land. Every morning the sun heats the forest where moisture is gathered during the night. The water drops turns to vapor which formulates clouds. The air pressure rises until it can not support the weight of the heavy clouds and rain falls. The lush river gushes and roars down the property, nourishing the evergreen jungle on it’s banks.

Photography Series: Rise, The Beginning

We produced photography sessions for Rise’s website and social media channels. Following the project from it’s very beginning, we emphasized it’s unique location and vibrant surrounding nature.

Educational Video Production

We designed and produced a social media video sharing practical Permaculture knowledge. We collaborated with Permaculture designer Stephen Brooks to create this educational video.