Case Study: Synergida

Client: Synergida Costa Rica​

Synergida is a premiere luxury resort for transformational retreats. Located on 211 acres of tropical Costa Rican countryside, Synergida offers opportunities to attend and host retreats as well as to invest in a home and live on site full or part time.

The Challenge: Virtual Immersion

The Synergida property and infrastructure are impressive with a larger than life feeling. We wanted to create a rich immersive experience where visitors could feel the expansiveness of these spaces. With 360° technology we could capture the power of Synergdia.

360° Virtual Tour Production

We designed and produced an extensive 360° virtual tour experience for Synergida. The tour flows through Synergida’s property. Composed from 43 high quality, fully panoramic land and aerial photos.

HTML Iframes

360° Video Production

For the Virtual Tour we produced a 5.7k 360 video in Synergida’s main entrance to welcome visitors into the 360 experience. We then embedded this video within the tour.
* 360 video works best on desktop or using the YouTube app on mobile.

Online Course Production

We produced an online video course for Synergida, consisting of 18 videos, each around 40 minutes in length. The course focuses on business development and entrepreneurship.

Case Study: Synergida