Case Study The Sustainability Laboratory

The Client: The Sustainability Laboratory

The Sustainability Laboratory is a research, development and educational NGO that works to help address urgent sustainability issues facing the planet. We first worked with TSL founder Michael Ben-Eli in 2014, and have seen first hand the importance and effectiveness of the Lab’s impact. We were recently invited by TSL to create a series of three short videos that would tell their story, share information about their program and feature their flagship project.

The Challenge: Share the Lab’s story

The Sustainability Laboratory has been doing groundbreaking work for over a decade. The story of what they do and how they accomplish it is as important as the positive impact they create for future sustainability leaders, communities and ecosystems, because it shows us that these profound changes can be made.

We would create three short videos for social media. One to share The Lab’s purpose and vision, the second to highlight their Global Sustainability Fellows program, and the third to showcase their flagship project ‘Wadi Attir’.

Video One: The Origins

Our goal was to create a short video for social media that would share The Lab’s purpose and vision. We facilitated the video production process from initial planning and script writing through to editing and final launch. Utilizing footage that we had captured while on site of The Lab’s projects in Israel and Costa Rica.

Video Two: The Global Sustainability Fellows​

A primary part of the lab’s mission is to train future sustainability leaders. They accomplish this through the Global Sustainability Fellows program, which invites graduate students from a wide array of skills and backgrounds to engage in deep learning and practice on site of a Lab project. We wanted to create a video that glimpses the unique program. Having documented two cycles of the GSF program in Costa Rica, we utilized footage that we had captured to produce this experiential video for the GSF website.

Video Three: Project Wadi Attir​

The Sustainability Laboratory’s flagship project ‘Wadi Attir’ has supported the cultivation of a thriving community economy and educational center while helping to preserve cultural heritage and wisdom of the Bedouin peoples in the Negev Desert of Southern Israel. The Lab’s approach is unique in that it focuses on supporting independence of the Bedouin community. Providing tools, resources and training, while placing leadership in the hands of community members.

360° Video Production: Project Wadi Attir Walkthrough​

It’s difficult to express the complexity of project Wadi Attir. We wanted to invite the viewer to experience the project site in a unique 360° interactive experience. Walking through the project to learn about it’s different components, challenges and eco-social impact, guided by the project’s visionary and founder Michael Ben Eli.

* 360 video works best on desktop or using the YouTube app on mobile.

Photography Series

With the goal of providing an impactful visual portrait of The Lab, we have documented their projects in Israel and Costa Rica over the years. Many photos have been used on their website, in social media and various publications.